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It is important to remember that your tattoo is an open wound and therefore it should be treated as such.
Following the guidelines described below will ensure you have a beautifully healed tattoo which you will appreciate for many years to come and avoid any complications during healing. Upon completion of your tattoo, your artist will walk you through the correct procedure in detail with you.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Your artist will apply a cling film dressing to your tattoo, fixed with adhesive tape if necessary. This dressing should remain in place for at least 4 hours after application. When you are ready to remove your dressing, please ensure that you wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly. 

Once your hands are clean and dry, carefully remove the dressing that your artist applied.
Rinse your tattoo with some clean warm water and wash the area using a mild cleanser suitable for sensitive skin, gently rub your tattoo with the palm of your hand to remove any ink or blood residue.
Do not clean your tattoo using a sponge or a flannel as these can contain bacteria.

Gently pat dry your tattoo using some clean disposable towels, do not rub it.
Then warm up a small amount of aftercare cream between your fingers, a small sachet of sterile cream should have been provided by your artist upon completion of your tattoo. Apply a thin, light layer of cream, do not over cream your tattoo.

It is important not to soak your tattoo in water or keep it wet for an extended period of time. Have a quick shower to cleanse your tattoo but do not soak your tattoo in a bath, go swimming or be in an environment of high humidity such as a sauna. Do not rewrap your tattoo once you have removed your dressing and avoid any tight or abrasive materials on the area.  Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight, the skin is healing and is prone to burning.

if you have any questions while your tattoo is healing or need any advice please give us a call!

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